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helped find the most vilified monarch. >> reporter: this is the tower of london, the scene of many dramas over the century. the connection of the drama unfolding here today. they had several of their relatives killed. but that did not help them in the end. >> reporter: the next slide that i'm going to show you is this one first. >> reporter: the century old skeleton, jammed with the hands bound into a sha low grave. it's a long way from the tower of london to the parking lot in the northern english city. but this lot covered over the remains of the ancient church. and it now seems clear of the remains of the long lost king. it has been rumored that he had been buried after being defeated and killed in battle just outside of town five centuries ago. but could this be his remains? dug up from beneath the parking lot and showing what looked like this wound. what sounds like csi1485 has found numerous wounds consistent with what happened to losing kings of the medieval battles. >> that would have caused almost the loss of consciousness and that they would have swallowed quickly afterwards. >>
on tuesday for a bail hearing. his lawyers are expected to argue for his release. cbs news, london. >>> a conclave to elect the next pope could start sooner than march 15th. pope benedict stunned the world this week by announcing his retirement effective february 28th. he's the first pontiff in 600 years to step down and is staying in office until death. church rules say the conclave is to start 15 to 20 days after the papsy becomes vacant but -- papacy becomes vacant but the vatican is trying the waive the rules. the pope though that has to approve to change before he resigns. >>> gas prices are not expected to go down anytime soon. the average price for a gallon of regular nationwide is $3.67. that's an increase of 12 crepts in the past week alone. experts say gas prices normally rise in late march through early may as refiners switch over to the summer blend. the highest price we found in the bay area is in san francisco, $4.49 a gallon. >>> garbage collection rates could increase by 3% of the redwood city council approves proposed new rates. it would be the third rate hike in
. and for oscar on suicide watch until his next court hearing that same day. cbs news, london. >>> at the vatican there were larger than usual crowds to receive pope sunday's blessing at st. peters square. they know it'll be one of his last services before retiring next month. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi treated it as business as usual. but usual days don't draw crowds like this. an estimated 50,000 faithfuls at st. peters square. his recent service was in spanish. asking the crowd to pray for the next pope. in italian, he understands the difficulty of the decision. >> reporter: do we want to follow the eye? or god, yeah? the individual interest for that is really good. from street level, the pope was the near white speck and the voice. >> we came to see the pope because we know since he's leaving this will be one of his last public appearances. so we felt that we should be here to witness it. >> we knew that sunday would be an opportune time. one of the last few times to see him as pope. >> reporter: the expectation is that there will be a new pope in time for easter. but that assumed with th
abilities. >>> his urban art is legendary, from london to the lower haight. banksy left his mark around two dozen buildings in san francisco a few years ago. he was offered $50 by a mystery man who wanted to paint on his wall, now this has reappeared as an auction house. bidding, expected to bring in at least five a million dollars. the white house won't say how it got the painting. but the neighborhood wants it back. >>> frosty in the desert? that and the warrior s! oh! they needed some home cooking tonight! >>> warriors up top, six straight losses. oh, they needed a home crowd tonight! mark jackson called this the biggest game of the season. message delivered! 211st half points -- 21 1st half points on his own. >> gold golden state closes it out in the 4th. and the warriors win it, 108-98. >>> james harden fired up to face his old team, the thunder. half-court shot. good if it goes. 3 of their 46, they beat houston. >>> broncos don't want know what hit them in spokane. the reverse jam. 85-42, and this was the scene in tucson when golf play began, then a blizzard came! golf was suspended.
black women put o. the beautiful tea, bridging the generation and the london we talked about. a lot of people don't know the services provided and that is very important. you're doing job training and job creation services. tell us a little about that? >> basically, we have a job training program and that is bridging the generations. >> uh-huh. >> we employ and train on the job seven people, a total of 28 people and in a year. eight of the people are women over the age of 55. >> wow. >> and we have eight that are high school. >> uh-huh. >> and then the others are between the ages of 18 and 54. >> wow, so you take high school 18-54 and 55 and older. that is wonderful. so you make sure those 28 people are going to be trained and get work. >> royalty. >> that is wonderful. every single person we can put to work counts. i am quoting our president now. [ laughter ] >> and he is saying every single american needs to get to work. how do you get people into the program? how do they become a part of it? >> they apply and we select the ones that we feel will benefit from the training. >> you
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5